What is San Diego Privacy?

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Patrick Fore

We're a community group of people who are interested in discussing and working on privacy topics. Here are some examples of privacy-related topics we have been interested in:

  • Privacy norms
  • Privacy laws
  • Fourth Amendment cases
  • Mass surveillance
  • Surveillance technology
  • Encryption
  • Information security

While a few of our members sometimes work on privacy in their professions, we are primarily focused on how privacy impacts us in our personal lives, as well as how it affects our families and communities. 

There are similar groups at the local, state and national level that work on organizing their communities who are interested in these same topics. Here are some examples of other local groups who are highly active in privacy topics.

  • Oakland Privacy (CA)
  • Privacy Lab (CA)
  • PDX Privacy (OR)
  • Privacy Watch St. Louis (MO)
  • Cryptoparty Ann Arbor (MI)
  • Digital Fourth (MA)
  • Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (NY)
  • Yale Privacy Lab (NY)

San Diego Privacy is a special project sponsored by TechLEAD San Diego. You can email us at sandiegoprivacy@protonmail.com, or find a list of our verified accounts and encrypted contact channels over at Keybase.

Thanks to work of the TRUST SD Coalition, we believe San Diegans are positioned to help lead a national privacy movement in this decade. We invite all San Diegans who believe in defending our constitutional privacy rights to contribute their passions, art, ideas and work. Together, we aim to protect the things we love from the harms that come when privacy invasions are normalized, excused and ignored.

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