Smart Streetlights Audit

A green-eyed robot with a camera on its head and a streetlight growing out of the camera

San Diego Privacy's new report "Getting Smart: Protecting Privacy While Controlling and Measuring the Outcomes of Streetlight Surveillance" is now available for download.

Short summaries of the "Getting Smart" report are available here:
- Summary of the Getting Smart Report: For members of the public.
- Summary of the Getting Smart Report: For members of the media.
- Summary of the Getting Smart Report: For board and council members.

Today, San Diego Privacy publishes the report of its audit of the San Diego Police Department's proposed Surveillance Use Policy for the Ubicquia UbiHub "smart streetlights" acquisition.

Our team analyzed the department's proposed policies and compared them against standards for operation of video surveillance which have been developed by the Department of Homeland Security, and also separately by the Security Industry Association.

All of the standards we used for comparison are based on the globally recognized and implemented Fair Information Practice Principles, which are managed in the U.S. by the Federal Privacy Council.

The full report is available for download. The report is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Questions about the report can be directed to the report's primary author, Seth Hall, via email or he can be contacted at 619-800-5120.

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