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San Diego's leaders have voted YES on surveillance oversight and privacy. Now is your chance to help.

Protect Your Privacy

Get involved with important and rewarding volunteer work for San Diego.
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Advise City Council

City Council needs professional and community experts to help vet surveillance proposals.

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Protect San Diegans

Help San Diegans avoid being harmed by unaccountable or poorly managed surveillance technology.

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Find Your People

Work with other privacy advocates who believe in helping, just like you do.

Volunteer Activities

Here are some items volunteers will help with

What might I actually do as a volunteer?

  • Do research on technology companies
  • Look for news about surveillance technology
  • Request public records from the city
  • Organize other volunteers
  • Create documents and visuals for the Board
  • Give your opinion on surveillance projects
  • Attend and promote privacy topics at events
  • Serve a term on the Privacy Advisory Board
We need
YOUto protect privacy in San Diego.

Who Are We?

Our members represent a variety of backgrounds. We are a community group of residents concerned about mass surveillance and how it affects society, as well as other privacy topics. We previously published a helpful guide to voting on California's newest privacy law. San Diego Privacy is a special project sponsored by TechLead San Diego.
  • Concerned Citizens

    Concerned Citizens who are willing to spend time reading and meeting about privacy topics.

  • Artists

    Artists who are inspired to use creativity to inform others about privacy topics.

  • Technologists

    Technologists who are ready to apply their technical knowledge to protect their community's privacy.

  • Professionals

    Professionals from the areas of law and audit who want to apply their skills to help their broader community.

  • Students

    Students who recognize the importance of privacy and want to join with others to help protect it.

  • You?

    YOU. If you're interested in knowing more about what's going on with privacy or mass surveillance technology in San Diego, we'd like to hear from you.